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Our clients & partners

By trusting us with your translations and e-marketing needs, you can join the network of menu@lacarte clients. 

When accepting to appear in our client list, we will mention the name of your establishment/company, your address and the link to your Internet website.

Below is a list of our partners, client testimonials as well as a non-exhaustive list of our clients.  For further information on our existing clientele please contact us via the following link.


Client Recommendations

"I have used Ms. Coupat on several occasions, under the employment of different companies and have experienced nothing but excellent results from her services.

From the moment the project is handed off to Ms Coupat the dialogue begins, from confirming the client's request, to re-affirming mid stream project details, all this in order to execute and deliver exactly what is expected from the final outcome of the project.

I highly recommend Ms Coupat as a translator that does not miss any linguistic nuances, is on time and extremely detail oriented."- Stephan Nanni.

"I found you by chance and so glad i did. I've been looking for years for someone who can translate properly. Always had problems in the past. I showed a Russian friend earlier and he said it was perfect!!!"

Our partners

Our partners

Partner: Resoclub.fr American Express


Partner: etudescuisines.com

Partner: Babeleur Mobile


Partner: Majordom

For its vision, its methods and a real fieldwork experience of the industry, majordom offers to support companies of the hospitality/food&beverage industry with their services and we support you at each instant of your approach.


Partner: Tables & Auberges de France


Partner: Auberges de Village


And many more not mentioned...

Our services

  • A la carte and punctual menus
  • Brochures and texts
  • Internet websites
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